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37800 French Creek Rd.
Avon, Ohio 44011
(800) 589-5204

Mission Statement

The Mission of Avon Oaks is to provide quality services to our residents, children and their families and to do our best to assist and enable every client, resident, and child to attain his or her highest potential.

We pledge to be good citizens of our community, contributing to the economy, encouraging and supporting community service, and being active in community groups, service organizations and government.

As part of this mission, we strive to be the best employer, supporting, recognizing and rewarding our team of caring professionals and support staff in their endeavors.

We embrace the values of Dignity, Honesty, Trust, Respect and Appreciation.

We recognize the innate dignity of every person:

• Resident Dignity and Resident Rights
• To be treated with dignity and respect
• Quality of Care
• Quality of Life
• Children's rights to play and learn and to be loved and valued
• The dignity and worth of the work we do in this noble profession
• Opportunity to grow as a person and as a professional
• To be treated by others, with dignity and respect

Our integrity is central to our mission:

• Corporate Compliance with all Federal, State and Local Laws
• Honest and fair wages and benefits
• Honesty in marketing and advertising
• Honest pricing
• Honest communication

We work everyday to earn and keep trust:

• Residents entrust us with their lives
• Parents trust us with their children's care and education
• Families entrust us with their loved ones
• We trust the members of our Team
• Our team members trust each other to be there to give support and help when needed
• Our community can trust us to provide quality services

We value respect for human life and dignity:

• We value for our customers, residents, children and families and treat them with respect
• We value and respect our business associates
• We value and respect each other every day as we do our work together


• Avon Oaks appreciates the contribution of each person to the provision of quality care.
• We appreciate our customers
• We appreciate each other as we unite in our common mission
• We appreciate the vendors and contractors who contribute to our mission
• We appreciate our community for its support